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Introducing the Lake Coast Product Sharing Program

This is a program that helps our clients save a little money when sending their files to print. Its designed to reduce the cost of printing and still produce a high end quality product. By sharing the opposite side of your product, whether its a business card, flyer or any other product offered in this program, you will save 30% towards that items printing costs.

Our Lake Coast tag design (shown above) is a simple and clean look that goes well with today's advertising market. This image will be used on the reverse (blank) side of your product and positioned to a corner that best fits the item. The Lake Coast tag will stay consistent in size and will not change should one product be larger then another . It's total size is a small 2.25" x 1.25" and have referenced an example below to show you what it would look like.

Products offered for our Sharing Program


Information about our Lake Coast Tag Design

Our Lake Coast Tag has been created to best fit with most, if not all, designs created by our clients or by Lake Coast Print.  Should you feel the need to change the color of the tag to better fit with you design, we will honor that request and send you a revised tag logo for you to apply to your own art or we will apply it to our design during the design process.  Please let us know prior to our designing if you should feel you need to change the color.

The small tag line on the design reads, "This ad is part of the Product Sharing program through Lake Coast Print, Inc" and can not be changed or altered and will be positioned at the bottom of the product in a light gray, 6pt size font.