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Pollution, over-flowing landfills and disappearing forests are all endangering our Planet. Thus many businesses are now employing Green Practices in order to help save our Planet. We want to do our share! We now offer environmentally friendly printing featuring high-quality recycled and chlorine-free papers at affordable prices.

Here are other ways we are also contributing:

• We use soy and vegetable based inks and Zero VOC solvents on ALL of out printing jobs in order to reduce air pollution and improve employee safety.

• We actively recycle all of our paper waste, used plates, waste inks and solvents in order to reduce air pollution and improve employee safety

• We educate our Clients on the benefits of green printing and offer reasonably-priced print services

Green Paper Options:


Let them know.

Lake Coast Print is now offering our customers a logo that we created for you to use free of charge to be added to any of your Go Green products. Please let us know upon ordering design that you are interested in using our Go Green logo. We will make sure to incorporate this logo into the design. im-green


All paper options are 10% post consumer waste and 30% recycled