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What kinds of paper do you offer?

100# Cover - Glossy cover stock. Great for heavyweight brochures and covers on catalogs.

100# Go Greentm - Gloss Cover -10% post consumer waste and 30% recycled

100# Text - Glossy text stock. Great for standard brochures and flyers.

100# Go Greentm Gloss Text-10% post consumer waste and 30% recycled

14pt. C2S - Glossy coated stock. The 'C2S' means coated on two sides. Great for thicker business cards.

14pt C2S Go Greentm Gloss Cover -10% post consumer waste and 30% recycled

70# Uncoated Text - Uncoated bond stock. Great for letterhead.

70# Go Greentm Uncoated Text - 10% post consumer waste and 30% recycled

110# Classic Crest - Uncoated cover stock. We only offer business cards on this paper.

110# Go Greentm Classic Crest Cover - 10% post consumer waste and 30% recycled.

What is UV (Ultra-Violet) coating?

UV coating is a plastic-like extremely glossy coating that is applied to print to offer a durability and finish not available with AQ (Aqueous) coating. UV coating hardens on the sheet by applying a high intensity Ultraviolet light. This process is similar to the process dentists use to seal molars. If you don't need to write on the product after it is printed, and you prefer a super-glossy finish, this is your best option. Cutting accuracy also is affected slightly as it is hard to cut a stack of slippery sheets, even with cutting edge equipment, and sharp operators. At this time, UV is only offered on our 14pt products.

What is AQ (Aqueous) coating?

AQ coating is a thin subtle coating applied to print, strictly for protection and to allow the printing of the backside immediately. In most cases, unless you know what to look for, there is only a subtle difference in sheen to the AQ coated side of a job. Aqueous is similar to watered-down version of the white glue like you may have used in grade school. Aqueous is offered standard on all of our coated stocks, except for 14pt jobs (like business cards) which we also offer UV coating.

Will your printing match a previously printed sample exactly?

The short answer is probably not. We print with a stochastic screening method that is close to the equivalent of 450lpi, which allows for a larger color gamut, because the dots are smaller. We print more colors, but this probably means it will not exactly match conventional screening (i.e. light screens that printed dark and clunky at 200lpi will be smooth, and clean, with a smaller dot; appearing lighter). Also where most printers are subjective, and choose to change the pressruns by arbitrarily adding color personal "taste", we are objective in our methods to yield more consistent results.

Gang run printing is parallel to making a pot of great coffee; each batch is slightly different. You get the cost benefit of sharing a presssheet with many other customers, but you get a print job that is run objectively to density, within tolerances. That being said, we are still VERY close from pressrun to pressrun.

What are the approximate arrival times for mailings once job is complete?

Just about all of our jobs take 2-3 business days to arrive once shipped. We currently have 3 printing facilities and will choose the closes one to your final destination to assure the fastest and cheapest UPS route.

What type of shipping do you offer?

99.99% of our shipments are done via UPS. In the case of very large orders, special arrangements may be made for freight trucking. This includes large quantities or heavy weights. Print jobs that exceed 500 pounds are usually shipped using the freight trucking method.

How can I track my shipped print job?

An email notification will be sent to you with tracking information when it is available.

How can I change shipping information after a job is ordered?

Once an order is placed online, the only way to alter shipping addresses is to call in. Due to the incredibly fast turnaround, we are not always able to intervene. Please check your shipping information carefully before placing an order.